Sunshine: The adventures of Sunlight

Sunshine: The adventures of Sunlight

Price 750/-Age 7+Players 2-6

An adventurous, fun-filled, board game based on the phenomena of sunlight. This game will silently teach your kids that sunlight is made with 7 different colors, how it's affected by solar eclipses, rainbows, and black holes.

  • 64x64

    Learn while playing

    This is not just a board game. The idea behind Spark Club and all our products and workshops is to make sure that the kids are having fun but end up learning a lot of science concepts along the way. Sunshine has been designed to teach children concepts about light, solar eclipse, black hole and so on. This game will not only build their logical and scientific skills but also provide hours and hours of fun.

    Black Hole

    A black hole pulls everything around it, including light

    Solar Eclipse

    A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon comes in the middle of the sun and the earth.


    At night the sun sets and the moon rises.


    Sunlight is made up of 7 colors - Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange & Red


    A rainbow is made up of all the 7 colors visible separately.


    What's in the box

    Instruction sheet, 105 cards and a game board enhanced with interesting science concepts around the light. Every box also has a personal hand-written science fact note from our educator.

    Instruction sheet

    105 cards

    Game board

    Science fact note


    How to Play ?

    Watch the video below to get quick instructions of how to play Sunshine.


    What parents are saying about us.

    We're giving our heart and soul into this, but don't hear it from us, here are some parent's feedback.

    Radhya really enjoyed making her human body model, she was hooked on to the class for 2hrs with full concentration... thats really good. Fun and learning at the sam time.


    Mrs. Ridhima Nayyar

    Ophthalmologist, New Delhi

    Thank you so much Neha for a funfilled class.. I completely love the indulgement of Shivin with so much interest.. he's looking forward for moreclasses with you & Radhya.


    Mrs. Nupur Mehta

    Entrepreneur, Lucknow

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