Germs & Leaps: Clean your hands to win

Germs & Leaps: Clean your hands to win

Price 750/-Age 4+Players 2-4

A simple but exciting game to teach your children the importance of washing their hands for killing bacteria & viruses which is imperative for children at this time. Reach 'clean hands' as soon as possible, while avoiding germs & taking help from soaps & sanitizers.

  • 64x64

    Learn while playing

    At such grave times it is extremely crucial to teach our children the importance of hand hygiene at a very early age. This game rewards on using soaps and sanitizers and penalizes dirty hands. The negative cards explain how our hands can get dirty while the positive ones tell children the right way to clean them. The box also contains a free poster explaining step-by-step instructions on how to wash hands. This can be put up on your washroom wall or outside so that it helps children to remember all the steps involved. They can also self-personalize by writing their name and age.

    Hand Hygiene

    Use hand hygiene tools to get ahead in the game.

    Stay Safe

    A self personalizable poster with step-by-step instructions to follow while washing hands.

    Kill Germs

    Try to stay away from the germs as much as possible.


    What's in the box

    Instruction sheet, 52 cards and a game board based on hand hygiene. Every box also has a personal hand-written science fact note from our educator.

    Instruction sheet

    52 cards

    Game board

    Science fact note


    How to Play ?

    Watch the video below to get quick instructions of how to play Germs & Laeps. Start winning by keeping your hands clean!


    What parents are saying about us.

    We're giving our heart and soul into this, but don't hear it from us, here are some parent's feedback.

    Radhya really enjoyed making her human body model, she was hooked on to the class for 2hrs with full concentration... thats really good. Fun and learning at the sam time.


    Mrs. Ridhima Nayyar

    Ophthalmologist, New Delhi

    Thank you so much Neha for a funfilled class.. I completely love the indulgement of Shivin with so much interest.. he's looking forward for moreclasses with you & Radhya.


    Mrs. Nupur Mehta

    Entrepreneur, Lucknow

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