Germs & Leaps: Stay clean & eat well to win

Germs & Leaps: Stay clean & eat well to win

Price 750/-Age 4+Players 2-4

This game is very important after the onset of COVID-19. It teaches the children that good hygiene and eating healthy food is essential. The game is a simple board where the children start from the bottom & compete against each other to reach the top and while doing so need to pick up some dirty or some good cards depending upon whether they land on a virus spot or a hygienic spot.

  • 64x64

    Family Game

    This is a great game to be played on a family game night. Meanwhile it also provides a lot of learning through the play itself. Bad cards, for example 'You forgot to wash your hands' punish the player and make them go back some spaces while the good ones like 'You invented a vaccine for the virus' can take the kids directly to the top of the board!

    Hand Hygiene

    Use hand hygiene tools to get ahead in the game.

    Stay Safe

    A self personalizable poster with step-by-step instructions to follow while washing hands.

    Kill Germs

    Try to stay away from the germs as much as possible.



    A box of Germs & Leaps contains 4 tokens, a dice with the following four things

    Instruction sheet

    52 cards

    Game board

    Science fact note


    How to Play ?

    Watch the video below to get quick instructions of how to play Germs & Laeps. Start winning by keeping your hands clean!


    What parents are saying about us.

    We're giving our heart and soul into this, but don't hear it from us, here are some parent's feedback.

    Radhya really enjoyed making her human body model, she was hooked on to the class for 2hrs with full concentration... thats really good. Fun and learning at the sam time.


    Mrs. Ridhima Nayyar

    Ophthalmologist, New Delhi

    Thank you so much Neha for a funfilled class.. I completely love the indulgement of Shivin with so much interest.. he's looking forward for moreclasses with you & Radhya.


    Mrs. Nupur Mehta

    Entrepreneur, Lucknow

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