Learning Made Fun.

Learning Made Fun.

Fun & engaging science board games, online DIY activities, camps and workshops for kids, age group 4-12, which help them to learn STEM concepts at an early age.







Science Board Games

Designed & developed by BITS Pilani alumni, these board games teach children interesting science concepts hidden behind the game rules and provide hours of fun with friends & family.


Sunshine: The adventures of Sunlight

Price 750/-Age 7+Players 2-6

Sunshine is our flagship board game. It's a lovely game that uniquely touches some physics concepts along with providing hours of family fun time.


Germs & Leaps: Stay clean & eat well to win

Price 750/-Age 4+Players 2-4

This game is very important after the onset of COVID-19. It teaches the children that good hygiene and eating healthy food is essential. The game is a simple board where the children start from the bottom & compete against each other to reach the top and while doing so need to pick up some dirty or some good cards depending upon whether they land on a virus spot or a hygienic spot.


10 Again - Fun With Addition

Price 249/-Age 5+Players 2-4

Build a maze of numbers adding up to 10 and be the first one to shout '10 Again!!' by connecting 10 cards together in your maze. 10 Again is a sleek, small, travel friendly card game which also improves mathematics skills of children and never gets boring.


Colouring Foldable Booklets

Price 999/-Age 5+

Animal & plan lifecycles have been always fun, but not this much! This kit gives a unique twist to many different lifecycles as well as food chains. The kit comes with keepsake foldable booklets which the children can color & have fun with.


Simple Machines - The Physics Memory Game

Price 249/-Age 6+Players 1+

Haven't we all played a memory game with our friends, elders or sometimes just with ourselves? This game gives us the opportunity to relive our childhood with our children along with teaching them the 6 simple machines which they learn in school.


DIY Online Experiments

Turn your home into a laboratory with these 'Do-it-yourself' online STEM experiments. These activities provide a detailed science explanation behind every experiment along with a fun quiz.

Bleeding Flowers

FreeAge 6+Engineering

Watch these free videos to do a magical and artistic bleeding flowers STEM experiment for children. You can do this activity at home with basic craft material. This experiment teaches children how water travels in the plants.

Flower Blooming

FreeAge 6+Plants

Watch these free videos to do this magical experiment at home with your kids. This quick & simple activity requires basic craft material and teaches children the concept of absorption.

Thaumatrope - Optical Illusion Toy

FreeAge 6+Engineering

Watch these free videos to build a fun and simple optical illusion toy called Thaumatrope which was invented in 1920 by J.P. Paris. This experiment requires basic craft material and will teach children how brain and eyes talk to each other.

Fun Pillars - Civil Engineer

FreeAge 6+Engineering

Watch these free videos to experience how Civil Engineers build amazing structures around us. This fun & exciting activity requires basic craft material and teaches children concepts of geometry and engineering.

Straw Gliders - Aeronautical Engineer

FreeAge 6+Engineering

Watch these free videos to engineer simple gliders which they can fly around. This quick & simple activity requires basic craft material and teaches children different forces acting on a plane using these gliders.

Rocket with Launcher - Inspired by NASA's Boeing Space Launch program

FreeAge 6+Engineering

Watch these free videos to build a fun and exciting rocket which you can launch around like a Rocket Scientist. With basic craft material, this experiment will teach you physics concepts like gravity and projectile motion.


Glimpse into our Fun Workshops

We conduct fun & engaging camps, workshops, activities and after-school classes for kids, age group 5-14, which help them to understand science, technology, engineering, art & maths concepts

Online class to learn Ear Model

Kids having fun creating a rainbow in glasses

Balloon can be used as fun prop in a variety of experiments

Color! Color! Color!

Science time after the activity

SparkClub pop-up at an event


What parents are saying about us.

We're giving our heart and soul into this, but don't hear it from us, here are some parent's feedback.

Radhya really enjoyed making her human body model, she was hooked on to the class for 2hrs with full concentration... thats really good. Fun and learning at the sam time.


Mrs. Ridhima Nayyar

Ophthalmologist, New Delhi

Thank you so much Neha for a funfilled class.. I completely love the indulgement of Shivin with so much interest.. he's looking forward for moreclasses with you & Radhya.


Mrs. Nupur Mehta

Entrepreneur, Lucknow